Top notch design, & art direction for today's iconic brands.

Handcrafted interfaces, mobile apps and timeless branding.
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From the heartbeat of Downtown LA's thriving Gallery District

I mix a background in fashion and architecture with 10 solid years of interactive experience

to create a special blend of design-cool for brands in the fashion, beauty, lifestyle, retail & entertainment spaces. I have worked with teams large and small all over Southern California and remotely to practically every continent in the world.* I'm like the kitchen sink of design. You can find me working on a variety of design projects ranging from interfaces to fashion, to interiors. All of the diverse influences play key roles in how I approach the design of each product.

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I've collaborated with cool brands like DirecTV, CBS, JibJab, Walmart, Expedia, Unilever, Johnson&Johnson, Postmates, Nestle`, Fisher-Price and lots more. See how I work it.