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Developing a product to test fresh ideas with tv fans.

Branding, Art Direction, UI

Imagining, conceptualizing and building a product aimed at testing new products with die-hard tv fans and employees alike.

The Problem

The current process for testing new ideas with users was cumbersome and definitely not a fun experience. There were screenshots and long email threads involved.

The Solution

We opted to completely re-imagine the process of getting valuable feedback from our diehard users. I was responsible for the logo, branding, overall look and feel and user interface for the product affectionately named, FanLab.

The A Team

Creative Direction — Chris Jacobs
UX — Kennard Lilly + Moshe Schmuel
UI/Branding — Kennard Lilly
Development — Anish Aggarwal
Strategy — Marc Johnson

UX Design

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Mobile UI screens
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  • screenshot
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